2019 Photo Project

In another attempt to kick start my photography, I’ve decided to put together a project 52. For those of you that are not familiar with a project 52, it’s basically one photo a week for a year.

I’ve tried a similar project, a project 365 a couple of times in the past but I’ve never successfully completed one. The pressure and time required to actually complete a project 365 are considerable and if photography is only a hobby, the time needed every day can be hard to find. I found that this often resulted in me looking around late in the evening for something to take a snapshot of. The purpose of the project 365 is to ignite creativity and encourage you to improve your photographic craft, rushed snapshots at 11pm is the exact opposite of this.

I decided to do the project 52 this year in the hope that I could find enough time to come up with at least one good image a week. Rather than rushed snapshots each day, a week should provide sufficient time to come up with a well-conceived and executed image. To this end, I’ve also decided to define a theme for each week to help give me focus.

To come up with 52 themes, I decided to use a photographic tool I purchased some time ago, the Lightbox Photography Cards. For those of you not familiar with these they are packs of fifty-two cards (like a regular deck of cards and the same size) and each card has a photo assignment printed on the back. There are currently four decks available, the original photography cards, the macro deck, the mobile deck, and the wedding deck. I own all the decks with the exception of the wedding deck, I have no interest in wedding photography. I have enough stress in my life without doing wedding photography on the weekends. To come up with 52 assignments, I used all three decks and simply picked a card from each deck in turn.

I have added all 52 of the weekly assignments to a Google calendar and made it publicly available. I have also exported the calendar as an .ics file which you can download below.

Project 52 Themes – Calendar File (.ics)

I need to re-ignite my passion for photography and also make a concerted effort to make more time in my life to practice my craft. If you want to join me this year feel free to use the same weekly themes as my or create your own in whatever way suits you. I will be sharing the images I create as posts here, feel free to add yours in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have a great 2019.