Another Trip to Scotland in 2019

Another trip to Scotland in 2019 for us, back to the same area around Loch Lomond although to a different cottage and at a different time of year. We decided to make the trip for my birthday this year which meant early July. Fortunately, my birthday falls just before the school holidays, so we don’t have to pay the extortionate rates that families with children do. This is a p

We tried to book the same cottage at Strathcashel near Balmaha, that we stayed in last year, but it seems to have become extremely popular. It was a new property listing last year and we got lucky being able to rent it at short notice. This year it was booked up until November. We found another cottage (again a new listing) that was available and looked genuinely nice, so we took a chance. It turned out to be a good choice, the cottage was excellent and really well placed without the 30-minute drive to get to a main road but still secluded enough to be peaceful. No doubt next year we will struggle to book the same cottage as I can see this one becoming incredibly popular as well.

While not strictly a photography holiday, I did have a list of a few places I wanted to go. Some of these I’ve visited before and not been happy with my images and some were new to me. Most of them were picked out from a couple of photography guidebooks I’d purchased for last year’s trip.

Despite travelling in July, the weather forecast wasn’t that great. The majority of the week looked like it was going to be grey and cloudy, so I decided the best plan was to revisit some of the waterfalls from my last trip and see if I could improve on the images from last year.

The rest of the time would be spend exploring and looking for new locations with a bit of touristy stuff thrown in for Kay.

The next few posts will give more details about the locations we visited and everything else we got up to on our 2019 Scotland trip.

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