Best of 2019 – My Favourite Images

2019 wasn’t a great year for me photographically, or personally for that matter. Some changes in my professional life and the knock-on effect to my personal life meant my photography was not much of a priority for the first part of the year.

I did manage to work in some camera time later in the year, although this was restricted to holidays rather than dedicated photography trips. In 2019 we made our usual trip up into Scotland, although this time it was earlier in the year. We also made trips to Ireland, a first for me, and a second trip to Poland, this time to Krakow.

To try and kick start my photography in 2020, I signed up for Matt Kloskowski’s Fresh Start 2020. This is a series of projects over six weeks designed to get you organised and improve your photography. The first project was to select and share online your favourite images from 2019.

Even though I didn’t get much dedicated camera time, I still got a few images I’m happy with from 2019. There seems to be a recurring water theme, a few nature shots, and some generic travel shots. My favourite images from 2019 are below.

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Best of 2019

Landscapes and Water

Nature and Wildlife

Travel and Documentary