Duracell Is Making Camera Batteries

I saw an article in my news feed from a popular photography website about Duracell replacement camera batteries. I may be late to the party, but I didn’t even realise Duracell made rechargeable camera batteries. A quick check of the Duracell website and sure enough, they have equivalent batteries for the majority of popular DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

When it comes to buying extra batteries, I’ve always stuck with genuine manufacturer batteries. I didn’t think it was worth taking the risk with some of the unknown brands you can find on Amazon.

Duracell is a different proposition though, they have been around the battery industry for decades and would not risk ruining their reputation by manufacturing a substandard product that may cause damage to expensive electronic equipment.

Owning both a Nikon D500 and a Nikon D850 and previously a D7000, I am lucky that all those camera bodies take the EN-EL15 equivalent battery. The latest version of which is the EN-EL15b. I now have a few of them, but the D850 seems quite power hungry so one can never have too many.

All the Nikon variants of the EN-EL15 battery are 7.0v and 1900mAh. The Duracell equivalent says it’s 7.4v and 1600mAh, so it doesn’ appear to be an exact match. The other thing I noted was that while the website stated that this battery was suitable for the D7000, the D500 and the D850, the packaging makes no mention of the D850. See the below images from the packaging and the website.

The product description for DRNEL15 on Duracell's website.
Duracell website, product page for DRNEL15
Back of the duracell DRNEL15 packaging
Duracell DRNEL15 packaging, replacement for Nikon EN-EL15x

As you can see from the first image of the Duracell website, the current price of the DRNEL15 is £29.99, a saving of 25% over the rrp of £39.99. Compare this to the current retail price of a genuine Nikon EN-EL15B, currently £59.99 and you can see why this option is attractive. As I said earlier, I don’t normally buy third party batteries but at half the price of a genuine battery and manufactured by a reputable company I’ll give these a go.

I received the battery earlier this week. I’ve given it a full charge and I’m going to run some tests against the genuine Nikon batteries in both the D500 and the D850. Look out for another post with the results shortly.

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