New Blog Platform

So, I finally got so frustrated with the Squarespace blogging platform that I decided to try and integrate a new blog platform to my Squarespace website.

I hadn’t bothered up until now for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I thought the Squarespace platform was adequate for my needs, had a mobile app to enable me to post from any device and had a consistent appearance with the rest of my site. Secondly, integrating any other platform and getting a consistent appearance was problematic at best and very frustrating.

Running several other websites, all hosted on the WordPress platform, I’ve been impressed with the progress that’s been made and the new features that have been added and the additional functionality provided by the Jetpack plugin. I decided to give integration another go.

I found a theme that looked roughly the same as my Squarespace template and offered similar functionality and set about customising the CSS. I think I’ve got fairly close by using the developer tools in Microsoft Edge to pinpoint the changes in the huge css file associated with the theme. You’re looking at the fruit of my labours here on my new blog platform.

There are still a couple of things I need to iron out, the main one being the social links displayed on the portfolio pages. I’ve yet to attempt to replicate these in the WordPress theme, so for now if you want to find me on social media you’ll need to view one of my portfolio galleries to see the links in the sidebar.

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a good one!