Project 52 – Week 2

Theme – Flowers

The astute among you will have noticed the lack of an image at the top of this post. After only one week, I’ve come up empty. I didn’t manage to create and image for my Project 52 week 2.

The theme of flowers wasn’t particularly suited to the second week of January, but having said that, I did have some ideas for this week’s theme. Unfortunately, due to a few things going on in my personal life I just didn’t make enough of an effort to bring them to fruition.

Rather than call it a bust and wait to start again next year I’ve decided to suspend the challenge for a few weeks and start it up again once everything has calmed down. If anyone is following along, then I will be adding the challenges I miss to the end of the challenge which means it will run into 2020 and possibly beyond, depending how many weeks I miss. You can still download the weekly themes in .ics format

Thanks for stopping by, have a good one.

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