Moving Up to Full Frame

When I purchased my Nikon D500 in 2016, I spent some time wondering if I’d be better off moving up to a full-frame body such as the D750 or D810. At the time I only had a couple of FX capable lenses and the expense of buying a raft of new lenses along with an … [Continue Reading] “Moving Up to Full Frame”

Another Tripod

If you read my “Perfect Tripod post” in February, you’ll know that I had decided to purchase yet another tripod as I wasn’t getting on with my current travel tripod. To some photographers out there, this will sound all too familiar. I also know that I’m not the only one that suffers this tripod affliction. … [Continue Reading] “Another Tripod”

Scotland 2019 – Falls of Dochart

After our trip to Bracklinn Falls in the morning, we grabbed some lunch in Callendar and decided to head to Killin and the Falls of Dochart. The weather still wasn’t particularly great, occasional downpours made it difficult plan anything too far away from shelter. The grey skies did mean it was ideal for photographing water … [Continue Reading] “Scotland 2019 – Falls of Dochart”