Garden Photography

There still isn’t much going on with my photography at the moment unless you count a bit of garden photography. I’m still effectively self-isolating and not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary so subject matter is limited.

We have plenty of plants in the garden so insect life is plentiful but I haven’t really invested much time in practising my macro skills or general garden photography. I’m still working full time, albeit from home, so my time is limited to early in the morning or the evenings. Maybe that’s s project for the coming weeks.

This weekend I decided to get some more photographs of our latest rescue dog, Chester. Chester is a Jorkie, Yorkshire Terrier Jack Russell cross and is just under a year old. We got him when he was seven months old, as the previous owners no longer wanted him. He was very timid and unsure of himself and hadn’t had much training at all.

Since moving in with us, he’s starting to gain some confidence and come out of his shell. He’s now got lots of toys, to the point where we have a bag in the living room to keep them all in. He still doesn’t seem to want to sleep on dog beds (we don’t think he’s ever had one) but he does like his blanket.

He’s still got that full-on puppy mentality, so we’ve been trying to teach him to fetch a ball. He loves playing with his ball and will now fetch it from his toy bag if you ask him to. He’s learned to chase and catch the ball, we just don’t seem to be able to get him to bring the ball back and drop it so we can throw it again. He does really enjoy just running around with his ball though. We will persevere with him as I’d love to have a dog that will actually fetch a ball, none of our previous dogs even played with a ball.

I got some nice portraits of Chester, but I think I need to spend some time working on the action shots.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good one.

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