My Nikon Z8 has arrived!

Those of you that have read my previous posts here, you’ll know that I’ve had a foray into mirrorless cameras previously. I’d been thinking about getting a Z7-II, that was until the Nikon Z8 was announced. Immediately I knew this was the mirrorless camera I wanted to compliment and possibly replace my D850.

If you read my personal blog, you’ll also know that recently I had some small success with my other hobby, field archery. I managed to place third in the NFAS national championships. It’s also going to be my birthday fairly soon, so I decided to pull the trigger and treat myself to a Nikon Z8. I opted for the kit along with the 24-120mm f4 lens. There was also an offer for a half-price FTZ II adapter which I took up. Warehouse Express are my online retailer of choice, you can see the deal details here.

Having only been recently announced, on the 10th of May 2023 and with a release date of the 23rd of May, my only option was to place a pre-order with a retailer and then sit back and wait.

I expected the usual scenario when I placed the order. Manufacturer announces new camera and massively underestimates demand. A massive number of pre-orders are placed. Demand outstrips stocks and long wait times ensue while manufacturing catches up. I expected to be waiting anywhere from one to six months for delivery.

Surprisingly, it looks like Nikon got it right this time. A short time after placing my order, I got a notification saying my Nikon Z8 was in stock and would be dispatched that day. It arrived with me just over two weeks later. There was only one problem, the FTZ adapter was out of stock.

Initial Thoughts

I’m glad I opted for the Nikon Z8 kit with the 24-140mm f4 lens. This meant that even though the FTZ adapter was out of stock, I could still use the camera. I’ve started reading through the reference and user manuals and getting familiar with the operation of the Z8. The manual is sizeable and will take some time to absorb completely. It will also take some time to become familiar with the new button layout on the rear of the camera. It’s not massively different, but sufficiently different to require some practice.

So far, I’m impressed with the speed of the Nikon Z8. Not just the speed of the shutter, but the menu system as well. The EVF is extremely bright and responsive, but it’s still a change from the optical viewfinder I’m used to. I think this will be the biggest change for me and probably the one that will take the most time to get used to.

Once the FTZ adapter arrives, I’ll give the Z8 a proper workout in the field. Until then, I’ll be spending my time getting familiar with the button layout and configuring the camera to my needs. I’ll post again once I’ve had time to use the camera in a variety of situations so keep checking back.

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